Welcome To Our Web Ministry

Mt. Hebron Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ sets the foundation for strong communities in Brooklyn. We are dedicated to the advancement of our religion through education, poverty relief, and other beneficial activities to the community.


In addition to our community services, we organize regular meetings and activities so that our members can join together and support our community from day to day.


We are always happy to meet new people - everyone is welcome!

Our Pastor

General Bishop MacDonald Moses

     Bishop Moses is the former presiding General Bishop of the Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ International, and the pastor of Mt. Hebron Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ. He is a man of integrity, vision, and most importantly he is a man of God. With over 50 years of pastoral services, he has been a longer standing pillar of his community. He believes firmly in the teachings of Christ and how it applies to our daily lives and views. In these tough times Bishop Moses leads the church in helping our community and others around the world, and he always reminds us to put God first and everything else will fall into place. 

What Keeps Us Going

We strive to proclaim the good news of the Jesus Christ in all that we do, say, and so that others, through the power of the Holy Spirit, might come to know and serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Regular Hours

Sunday School - 9:15am
Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00am
Prayer Service/Bible Study - Wed. 7:30pm
Communion Service - Every 2nd Sunday

Food Pantry - Saturdays 9:00am - 10:30am